Paris – Oh so Beautiful Paree

Now I know that I am back from the trip but I feel I need to finish the blogs, so just think of it like the postcard that is received after I get back. I am going to group the 3 days I spent in Paris into one blog because the days actually blurred into [...]


The Camargue

Somewhere in the past millennium a group of Spanish sailors settled in the The Camargue and today there is such a strong Spanish influence in this area it is surprising that these people actually speak french. The Camargue is famous for its "wild" white horses (of which none could be found by us), and also [...]


The French Riviera is definitely not anything like I envisaged.  Travelling along the coast from Italy to Nice was not a lovely drive along the beach.  Wall to wall restaurants and condo's.  Just to get to the beach we had to park the car and walk down an alleyway, but I finally did dip my [...]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terra was added to my trip on recommendation from a friend who had visited there the previous year.  But I was told not to expect it to look like the postcards and advertising, not quite as colourful. After checking into our little hotel in La Spezia we walked up the hill and caught the [...]

Milano Madness

Piece of advice; never drive in Milan.  The streets are narrow and clogged with traffic, lots are one way, the GPS doesn’t always know which streets are open or closed and the drivers are all totally mad.  Road rules don’t seem to exist, parking is wherever you just want to stop (double park or triple [...]

Syam to Chamonix

The cheese tour is finished and now my friend Karen and I have met up to continue our European vacation together.  Karen has been touring Italy while I have been in France. Unfortunately because it took Karen longer than expected to get to Syam from Dijon, and the GPS had a bit of a fit [...]

Syam and more Comte

Early start this morning to visit a Comte and Morbier being manufactured, which means getting up at 5.00am to be there in time for production to start at 7.00am.  Thank goodness we didn’t have a late night. The production was fascination to watch, this manufacturer uses high end technology which means that only 3 people [...]